KLEIN, Sándor (prof. emeritus, University of Pécs), The Dienes method (Keynote)



The Dienes method
Sándor Klein (prof. emeritus, University of Pécs)


   Zoltan P. Dienes is one of the most creative mathematics educators, who had an influence on elementary and secondary school education all over the world. He developed his theory of mathematics learning in the 50ies, and in his book “Building Up Mathematics”, published in 1960 he offered it to teachers and researchers. He conducted courses and carried out research in psychology and pedagogy of mathematics learning in the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Chile, New Guinea and in almost every European country. He received Honorary Doctorate from five Universities ‒ the last one from the University of Pécs.

   His “principles of mathematics learning” (constructivity, dynamic, perceptual and mathematical variability) are well-known, just as well as the “six stages of learning” (free play, rule-based games, discovering the common structure, representation, symbolization, formalization). 

   The essence of the Dienes method is playful, empirical learning and most people know Dienes through his games (first of all the Multi-Base Arithmetic Blocks and the Logic Blocks ‒ originally an experimental tool developed by the Russian psychologist, Vygotsky).

   In spite of his many books, theories, games he was, first of all, a teacher. Entering into the classroom anywhere in the world and opening his suitcase full of “treasures” he was immediately at home ‒ the children accepted him as “one of them”. This is probably the most important thing we should learn from him.



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