Zoltan Dienes (University of Sussex), Implicit learning of abstract structures: How can it be computationally modelled?

Csaba Pléh (member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and CEU), Psychology of problem-solving and its role in education: from sputnik shock to the web 

Ekaterina Babintseva (University of Pennsylvania, USA), Creative Thinking Control: Lev Landa and his Algo-Heuristic Theory

Zoltan Dienes (University of Sussex), The role of implicit and explicit knowledge in understanding mathematics

Katalin Munkácsy (Eötvös Loránd University) – Eleonóra Stettner (Kaposvár University), Computer Assisted Heuristic Learning of Analysis

Agnes Tuska (Department of Mathematics California State University, Fresno) Forum of International Projects and Collaborations